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Vocal Minority

Our Mission

On November 9, 2016, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Within a week, the Southern Poverty Law Center had recorded over 700 reports of hateful harassment incidents across the country, up from an average of 5-6 a week. The targets were almost exclusively disenfranchised minority groups: immigrants, people of color, LGBT folk, and Muslims.

Though we hope that our President will stand for all Americans, his words and actions during his presidency, and the hate that it has enabled, have suggested otherwise. We continue to be deeply concerned that a Trump administration threatens to undo decades of progress in civil rights, civil liberties, and equality of opportunity. Before even taking office, a maelstrom of hate groups and hate acts against minorities had already risen. We cannot stand silent. We must stand up to hate. If we cannot rely on our government to protect minorities, then we must all become a part of the minority—the most vocal minority in history.

We believe that together, we are stronger than the hate that threatens us. We believe that community and sacrifice are the heart of America. We believe that we all stand together, and we must stand with all of those whose rights and wellbeing are being threatened.

Our Process

Each quarter, all members share, discuss, and eventually select an organization to contribute to. By pooling our resources in this way, we are capable of making a substantial impact for an organization. Here's how it works:

  1. Selection: Once a quarter, an issue area and nonprofit are discussed and selected
  2. Donations: Members contribute their donations into the Vocal Minority Fund
  3. Grant: A grant is made at the end of the quarter to our selected nonprofit

Our Fund

In partnership with Grapevine, we’ve created a committee-advised fund to collect and distribute our quarterly grants. Benefits of the fund:

Our Criteria

Each quarter, as a community, we select an organization in direct response to rising threats to equity and justice throughout America. Our founding team is responsible for conducting due diligence on each nonprofit and ultimately making the selection. Organizations are vetted using three primary criteria:

About Us

Vocal Minority was started by Anne Diaz, Chris Chan, Jake Przespo, Jeff Shiau, Kevin Ball, Noah Silas, and Taylor McLemore. As friends with experience in community organizing and nonprofit fundraising—as well as a deep-seated belief in the need for equity and justice in our society—we were moved by the results of the 2016 election to find a simple but impactful way for people to come together.